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Lead industry

Top lead Smelter
  The company is China's largest lead smelting enterprises. The industry's first proposed green smelting concept. Continue to carry out technological innovation, lead lead smelting industry progress, and strive to build lead smelting benchmarking enterprises. Has developed a waste lead-acid battery automatic separation - bottom blowing smelting renewable lead process, liquid high lead slag direct reduction lead smelting and other advanced lead smelting process. Lead efficient clean metallurgy and resource recycling key technology and industrialization of the two technologies by the National Science and Technology Progress Award.
  With the spirit of Yugong Yishan, the company dare to first, independent innovation, has experienced a sintering pot, sintering machine, oxygen-rich bottom blowing oxidation - blast furnace reduction, liquid high lead slag direct reduction lead smelting four process changes, become well deserved "China Lead Industrial Museum ".