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Henan Yuguang Gold Lead Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Henan Yuguang Gold Lead Group Co., Ltd., established in 2000, is the largest electrolytic lead and silver production enterprises in China. July 2002, "Yuguang gold lead" stock (code: 600531) listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange trading company mainly engaged in electrolytic lead, silver, gold and other nonferrous metals and precious metals products, smelting and import and export trade main products production capacity :. Lead 400,000 tons, 5,000 kilograms of gold, 1,000 tons of silver, 240,000 tons of sulfuric acid, copper copper 4,000 tons. Is Asia's largest electrolytic lead production enterprises and the country's largest silver production enterprises.          At present the company's total assets of 7.2 b...